Lower back pain, hip pain resoved

Aug 10

Lower back pain, hip pain resoved

Amy Nichols

For lower back pain and hip pain, I sought help for 7 yrs. receiving diagnosis of loose ligaments and hip slipping. I tried physiotherapy, traditional adjustments and pain killers, but the fix was always temporary and the pain kept coming back.

Before coming to Wellness Rhythms, I had prayed the night before for a modality of healing that would truly allow me to move through a lower back/hip issue that kept recurring in my life. I went to church and a woman behind me struck up a conversation about the pillow I had brought for pain. She told me about Network Care and I immediately called Denver Chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Parham to make an appointment.

I’ve been in care for more than a year now and I know that my debilitating lower back pain and hip pain is not going to re-occur. My nervous system has learned strategies to unwind stuck energy from the past, to self-correct subluxations and to release current stress – I’m much more confident in my body’s innate power to heal.

Network Chiropractic Care has had a huge impact on my life! It keeps me grounded, it empowers my body-mind to connect with my spirit and propel me toward my true expressions. I continue to receive care because it is a gift to myself that is fuel for my soul and my personal evolution.

Amy Nichols

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