Denver, CO Chiropractor Recognized For Safe Headache Solutions

Nov 10

Denver, CO 12-November-2010 –Wellness Rhythms  is pleased to announce that Denver, CO chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Parham has been recognized for providing safe headache solutions. Dr. Parham takes a different approach than most chiropractors and medical doctors. He applies a system known as network spinal analysis (network chiropractic) that relieves headache and other types of pain.

Network Spinal Analysis is an evidence based approach to wellness and body awareness. It involves gentle, precise touch to the spine, which sends messages to the brain that create new wellness promoting strategies. Dr. Parham combines his clinical assessments of spinal refinements with his patient’s assessment of wellness and life changes.

There is an awakening of the realization of relationships between body, mind, emotion, and spirit. NSA is practiced exclusively by chiropractic doctors in relation to the identification and self regulation of spinal tension and subluxation patterns. For more information about the safe headache solutions offered through Network Spinal Analysis, visit the website of Wellness Rhythms located at Members of the press and/or other interested parties may also obtain more information by contacting the following: Wellness Rhythms Dr Jeffrey Parham, Denver Chiropractor 184 S. Pennsylvania St. Denver, CO 80209 Phone: 303-722-1104

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