Denver, CO Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Parham, Committed To Improving The Quality Of Life For Locals

Denver, CO Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Parham, Committed To Improving The Quality Of Life For Locals

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Denver, CO Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Parham, Committed To Improving The Quality Of Life For Locals

PRESS RELEASE: Denver, CO, 29-JULY-2010 – Wellness Rhythms Network Chiropractic is pleased to announce that Dr. Jeffrey Parham, Denver Chiropractor brings a wide range of techniques and methods to improve the quality of life for the residents of Denver. Dr. Parham is dedicated to using natural and safe means to help individuals who may be suffering from mild to severe or chronic pain.

When an individual visits the chiropractor, they will receive an in depth examination and evaluation to determine the cause of the pain. This includes x-rays of the areas where pain is occurring, a physical examination to determine if there are any vertabra out of alignment, and an in depth discussion of your current diet, exercise, and lifestyle. In addition, the doctor will discuss any past injuries or trauma that may have occurred which was not addressed.

After the data has been compiled and a Network Spinal Analysis has been completed, the doctor will develop a program plan to address the immediate pain and prevent recurrence of the issues in the future. This may include a change in diet that will increase the body’s ability to regenerate cells and heal more quickly.

Dr. Parham may also recommend a change in lifestyle that include exercises and stretches to increase muscle tone and the ability of the muscles to properly support the spine and neck. When pain is triggered by stress or prolonged periods of sitting in the same position, the doctor will provide relaxation techniques that allow an individual to release stress and keep their muscles relaxed during periods of stress.

Dr. Parham uses three levels of Network care. The first level addresses immediate issues that will relieve the pain and pressure on the body quickly. Strategies are developed to release tension from the bones, nerves, and muscles and reduce spinal subluxations. The healthy spine then becomes more flexible and moves more freely without pain. This level of care is normally requires more frequent sessions until the goal for a healthy spine and body result in relief from pain.

After completing Level 1 of the Network care, you will enter the Intermediate, or Intensive Adaptive Care. During the Level 2 period in your care, chronic spinal distortions that can cause pain, tingling in the extremities, headaches, and chronic health issues are addressed. The Denver chiropractor will transform trapped energy into a component of healing and give your body the support it needs to regenerate cells and heal more quickly. During this level, most people begin to experience spontaneous muscular motions, also called Somatopsychic Wave, as the body begins to make corrections to distortions on its own. As the body makes these corrections, it begins to adapt more effectively to emotional, chemical, and physical stressors.

The final stage of Network care, Level 3, will include visits to Dr. Parham on a less frequent basis and addresses lifestyle and creating a healthy environment for the body. Fine tuning of the spine and neural integrity continue as the body reaches greater levels of health and wellness. The extremities of the body are incorporated as tools to train the nervous system in developing strategies for self-correction. Individuals begin to feel more energy and awareness of their ability to control tension, easy stress, and enjoy their daily activities.

You can find valuable information about the steps that Dr. Jeffrey Parham, Denver Chiropractor takes to help individuals achieve total wellness and relief from pain through the use of methods and techniques designed to provide holistic healing by visiting today. The following contact information is available to members of the press who would like additional information with regards to this specific release.

Contact Person: Dr. Jeffrey Parham, Denver Chiropractor

Company Name: Wellness Rhythms Network Chiropractic

Address: 184 S. Pennsylvania St., Denver, CO 80209

Contact Number: (303) 722-1104



Dr. Jeffrey Parham, Denver Chiropractor and Wellness Rhythms Network Chiropractic provide the information and assistance that you need to begin enjoying a better quality of life.

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