Chiropractor Raising Consciousness In Denver, CO With Network …

The majority of folks have memories regarding some kind of event in their lives that have brought them joy and pain. Those memories are stored somewhere in the body? the spine and nervous system included. This is especially true if it didn’t feel safe to experience their experience at a particular time. The stored up energy causes the body to vibrate and feel the tension. The brain’s cerebral cortex will disconnect itself from the energy so that it’s not in full awareness of it. This is when you need make the consciousness decision to seek the help of a Denver Network Spinal Analysis chiropractor.

As stress, physical, emotional, mental or chemical, becomes caught inside the body, the spinal cord is stretched out similar to a guitar string that’s been tightened too much. When this happens, the body gets put into the fight or flight mode, which locks in the patterns that twist the posture and spine. When the cord is under stress, every cell’s tone and vibration becomes altered, which affects the communication and energy flow of the nerves and cells.

When the communication of the nerve system and cells drops, there is a failure to distinguish, process and express body sensations, tension patterns and emotions. This limits the adaptive responses and its range. This encourages the mind-body disconnection to make and keep the spinal distortions and vertebral subluxation.

The more a person attempts to deny the parts that have been hurt, the more suffering and discontentment is present. The parts of the body that defends against real or perceived threats are unconscious sensory motor strategies anchored in the nervous system and spine as stuck energy. This blocks the nerve energy and consciousness. Until the energy of stress and trauma is connected, the body can stay in its place of suffering, which includes physical symptoms of illness and pain. How can the nervous system change this jammed energy?

Vibration, position, tone and shape of both the nerves and spine decide the level of both consciousness and awareness with how people see the world. Think of a triangle with labels on three sides: Structure, Perception and Behavior. Around that triangle are the energetic bio-fields that include Emotional, Lower/Upper Mental, Life Force and Spiritual. The bio-fields envelop and shift the body through the Spinal Gateways. Each of the bio-fields has a matching level of consciousness, awareness, tone and vibration. Within that triangle is energy. The body’s nervous system and spine are what connects folks to their behavior, structure and perception.

To get a better picture of how structure, behavior and perception influences consciousness and awareness, do this experiment: Hang the head down low and bring your shoulders forward. How does this make you feel? Keep that position and ask yourself, Is there something wrong with me?.

Think about how that energy feels inside the body? How does it make you feel? It’s likely you feel that you’re in a lower bio-field of vibration and awareness. When a person is locked into this position, it’s because of stress and they might feel frustrated, depressed and even angry. It’s all a limited depth and an assortment of human experience.

Now, shoulders rolled backwards, look to the sky, lift the heart and ask: How am I able to develop into what my soul wants me to be?

This is the time you want to feel the connection and love of Individual Soul and the gratitude of Global Soul bio-fields. When you begin to experience your spine awakening your vibration will rise to higher levels.

The model above is recognized as the Triad of Change. This is known as the fundamental organizing rule of Network Spinal Analysis. With the help of a Denver chiropractor who utilizes Network Spinal Analysis, a person will be able to experience a broad range of resourcefulness in wellness, health, consciousness, life and awareness. By putting a gentle amount of pressure in certain patterns to the Spinal Gateways, which are seen at both ends of the spine, the body’s nervous system becomes powerful. Afterwards, the nervous system will restructure itself to higher levels of both behavior and perception, which will make it have a connection to entrapped energy. As the body releases the energy, it helps direct the body/mind wave energy to go through the Spinal Gateways so that energy is recycled as transformational and healing fuel. As the nervous system moves away from its fight or flight response to its safety response, it opens the way to clear out negative feelings.

As you get acquainted with an expanded spine, you’ll begin to experience the awareness of love, grace and ease of an open heart along with an appreciation of the universal soul consciousness that connects to your higher power and humanity. Talk with a Denver chiropractor Level III certified in Network Spinal Analysis today and see how it can work for you.

Increased body-mind connection is available with Denver Chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Parham using Network Spinal Analysis.


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